Sucess story of Walter Nandalike, founder of Daijiworld

Walter D’Souza Nandalike fondly known as Walter Nandalike is the Founder and Managing Director of Daijiworld Media Pvt Ltd, a media company based in Mangaluru.

Walter Nandalike started his journalism career by writing stories and analytical articles for Konkani and Kannada periodicals. Completing his graduation in commerce from St Mary’s College, Shirva, Walter left for Dubai in search of employment. It was his childhood desire to get into journalism and create a media in any form. But back then, he had little or no knowledge of computers, which was a prerequisite to begin anything revolutionary in the way of media.

On April 1, 2000, he sent a message to his friends saying that he had started a website ‘’. It was meant to be an April Fool prank, but his friends took him seriously and responded that they could not open the website. Amazed by the overwhelming response, Walter decided to actually start a website.

Spent months mastering a skill that was to shortly herald a revolution in the field of journalism in the coastal region of Karnataka. On January 14, 2001 his hard work paid off, when Daijiworld Media (then was officially launched. It was initially meant to cater to the Konkani speaking community, but over the years, the website has moved the entire Mangalurean diaspora spread across the world, irrespective of language, caste and gender.

The website reaches nearly 1.2 million unique visitors in over 140 countries, bringing the latest happenings from the coastal cities and towns of Karnataka as well as Mumbai, Goa, Bengaluru and also national and international news.

More than 1,000 families have received financial assistance for their medical, education or other needs, through frequent appeals to readers who have been more than generous in lending a helping hand to make lives better. The cumulative financial assistance generated through Daijiworld today stands at an estimated Rs 22 crore.


In the year 2007, Walter Nandalike was also the first person to introduce the concept of internet TV in Mangaluru. He launched Mangaluru’s first-ever internet television ‘Tv Daijiworld’ which is running successfully today with wide viewership abroad.

In another landmark for Walter, Daijiworld 24X7 TV channel was launched on May 9, 2014. The TV channel is considered as one of the leading local channels in coastal Karnataka. This is considered as the first multilingual channel of Karnataka serving Kannada, Tulu, Beary and Konkani languages.

Radio Daijiworld, an app based Konkani-Tulu music radio station, was opened on May 19, 2017.

Currently, Daijiworld has its own offices or representative / franchise offices in Mangaluru, Udupi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Dubai.

An unexpected coronavirus pandemic forced a strict lockdown throughout the country. During this period, under the leadership of Walter Nandalike, Daijiworld TV launched ‘Naavu Nimmondige (We are with you) campaign, reaching out to needy people by distributing grocery kits to over 6,000 families across the undivided coastal districts. Moreover, medical and financial help through Good Samaritans from India and abroad was also offered.

Meanwhile, Walter Nandalike had initiated a few major programmes with positive messages on television to keep the audience tension-free and happy which included live and recorded shows. ‘Corona Gellona (Let’s win Corona) became a massive hit. Started on April 14, 2020, the daily LIVE show hosted by Walter completed 150 glorious episodes. Also, the much talked about comedy talk show, ‘Private Challenge’ he hosted with ace Tulu cine actor Aravind Bolar, quickly became a household name. The weekly show also completed 25 episodes. In general, Walter and the entire Daijiworld media team fought against the deadly coronavirus pandemic physically as well as emotionally.

For bringing innovation in Mangaluru e-media, Walter has been featured in several dailies as well periodicals, TV channels, and radio channels in India as well as abroad.

Walter Nandalike has received over 85 national, international and regional awards for his achievements in the field of journalism. Some of the important awards are Pingara Rajyotsava Award-2007, IPP Star of Year-2009 from Toastmasters Club, Houston, USA, Rachana Entrepreneur of the Year-2010, Sandesha Media Education Award-2010, Editors’ Award 2011, Young Entrepreneur award from CCC Mumbai, Entrepreneur of the year award from FKCA Bengaluru, Mayura Award 2012 and many more.

He has written about 100 short stories, several articles on current affairs and two novels ‘Saithanachya Savlenth’ and ‘Devcharachi Deswat’. His stories have been broadcast on All India Radio. He is an actor as well as compere, having hosted more than 100 major cultural events in India as well as in Gulf countries.


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